Friday, August 1, 2008


Yes, after being spoiled for almost 10 years, OK if we are being honest, my whole life, I have finally got a job. Can you believe it? I am super excited, it is only part time for 15-20 hours a week but it's money. I won't have to pay for daycare and it won't interfere with our evenings. I will be working at a consignment shop for kids.
I want to go on a trip to England next year to visit Rachel, but in order to go I have to save money. How do you save money when there is very little left over after the bills? You don't you get your butt out there and find a job. So that is what I did, I dropped the kids at my mom' and hit the streets. Not really, I got in my truck and drove around looking for HELP WANTED signs. There were none. Don't know how it is in the rest of the world but here in Cape Coral, FL we have a recession going on, I don't care what they say on the news, it's a recession. Plus it is out of season so not even Walmart is hiring. So I went in a store, bought a paper and we to meet the girls for lunch, only I was about an hour early. I thought I would get us a table and sit and read the paper and look at the classifieds. On the way to the restaurant I was praying hard, I asked God to send me something that would be perfect for me and that wouldn't interfere with the kids to much. SO I get to the restaurant and it is standing room only, they were having a Chamber of Commerce meeting, go figure. So I was standing there waiting for a table to come open and right as one did a lady walked up and asked if we could share the table. I said sure, I had plenty of time before the girls would be there and why not? Meet someone new. Her name was Sara. I am sitting there looking at the paper and we got to talking and I told her that I was looking for a job but there was none to be had. I mean, there was a 6x6 section of classifieds in a paper that used to have 8 to 10 pages. She told me that she owed her own store and was looking for someone to close it in the evenings from 3-6pm. I said ME ME ME. She must have thought I was mental but she smiled and said " Let's exchange numbers." Just as we were exchanging numbers Lisa walked in and sat next to me and started chatting with the woman and I asked her if she knew her and she said yeah, they worked in the same plaza. Go, figure. What a small world.

So I went in about a week later to talk to her to see if she was going to hire me, I was totally up front with her about why I wanted the job and where the money would go. I didn't want to take a job from someone who really needed to work and support there kids. She showed me around the store and asked, Do you want the job, do you think it will work for you? I thought all the time she was interviewing me, but it seems like we were interviewing each other. SHE WANTS TO HIRE ME, was all that was running through my mind. I told her absolutely I wanted the job. So I start Monday, August 11Th at 3pm. Wish me luck! It was totally Gods hand that was in this one.

Alright I can't post with out putting in a picture. Here are a few layouts I have done:
This is Alex eating his REALLY big ice cream cone.

This is Lucas hanging out on the front porch.

I love having my very own spot to kiss him, it's like God gave him dimples so I knew the exact spot everytime.

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emelyn said...

Wow, congrats on your new job!! It's totally meant to be!! You are rockin' the layouts!!