Friday, May 30, 2008

My Boy Rocks

I went to the first grade awards today for Lucas. I knew that he would get an award because they sent home an invitation saying that he would. Let me tell you what, I am so proud of that boy. Even after moving in the middle of the year and then moving back he still got 4 awards. He got Math, Writing, A Honor Roll, and Music.

I was bursting at the seams, I was so proud of him. They call the AB Honor Roll students up first and that is what I thought he was getting, when they didn't call his name I thought, maybe he got a C on this last report card. Then they started calling the A Honor Roll students up and they called him. Every time they called his name for an award and he would sit back down he would turn around and hold his award up in the air so I could see. He is proud of himself and I am glad that he sees that he can do anything. Rock on Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Is The Day

Well today is the day that we sign the lease to our new place. I am super excited and will be super busy over the next few days. Today I have a million things to do to prepare for when Luci gets home. I have to have the lights and phone turned on. Because without the lights and phone I can't have the Internet and how would I live without it. LOL Luci says that I am addicted to the Internet and that I am addicted to scrap booking. He told me the other day that I need to join SB anonymous, which stands for Scrap Booking anonymous. I told him that he was probably right but that I am not ready to admit there is a problem so there wouldn't be any point in joining. LOL
I have all this furniture that I bought and the stores were kind enough to hold for me, but now my wonderful husband has to go around and pick it all up. Yeah for him, I know that is exactly what he wants to do. Poor Luci, he is so abused. So tonight we will go and sign the lease and start moving some of the smaller things and tomorrow we will do the big move.
Alex is so funny. He call our storage unit "the garage" and he is always asking if we can go and pick up his toys from the garage. When we came to my Mom's house we brought a few of there toys but not a whole lot because space is limited and the poor poor child has had to do without his Moon Sand. LOL I think that I could get rid of everything else but he wants the moon sand.
At the new house I will have a room all to myself dedicated to my crafts. I wonder if Luci knows that by having my own room it is enabling the addiction. I had thought about putting a small TV and a comfy chair in there, so that when I am scrap booking he can sit in and watch TV. It will all depend on how much room there is left after I put all my stuff in there.
So when you are relaxing tonight or doing something fun tomorrow, think of me moving. I hate to move. LOL

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

We have been so busy the last few weeks and there is no end in sight.

We went to Disney last weekend and had a great time. It was Alex's first time and he just soaked it all in. He was a trooper. He walked all day and only asked to be held when he couldn't see something. All the shopping that we do together finally paid off. LOL Nicholas and Lucas enjoyed it, they are still at the age where they still like to see everything. Josh who is older was a little upset because Splash Mountain was down. The last time he went it was down to. Maybe next time.

This coming weekend, I have to go to a Pamper Day that is being hosted by the ladies of my church. We are all getting together to pamper each other. It should be fun.

Sunday is my son, Alex's birthday. We are just going to have a small get together for him at my Mom's house. Just family. When he was asked what he wanted for his birthday he said, "I want a cake, a balloon, and a present." He is to funny.

Monday I have plans to go over to a friends for Memorial Day scrapping. I can't wait. We will be grilling out and for some reason my kids are always so well behaved over there.

Next weekend we will be moving into our new house. I can't wait to be able to spread out again. I have been shopping to find us some furniture and all the things that we will need. I found some great old ladder back chairs as a thrift store and some wood dressers for the boys. I got a great armoire entertainment center from the Kiwanis thrift shop. It is solid wood and it only has a few minor scratches. They are very unnoticeable, I had to get up close and look for them to be able to find something wrong. I got a great price on it. I found a brand new chocolate brown Broyhill couch at a close out store for $325. I couldn't believe it. All I need now is a chair for the living room. It has totally been a GOD thing because I have a budget and there is no way I could have afforded everything without his guidance.
For the next few weeks I will be busy planning VBS for our church. Pray for me, it seems that every obstacle that could come up, has.
This is a picture that I got of all my boys at the fort on Tom Sawyer's Island in Disney.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Birth Month

My birthday is this month and we have a running joke that instead of having a birthday I have a birth month. It all started with the birth week, we would celebrate for a week. Out to dinner, seeing a movie, a gift here and a gift there and it just grew from there. Now when I want something I say "It is my birth month." Pretty soon I will have a birth year and it will be a celebration all year long for my birthday. LOL

I really love to celebrate birthdays. Even if I barely know you, if it's your birthday, you are getting a gift. I guess that I just feel that everyone has one and everyone needs to be made feel special on there day. Even if it is for just one day out of the year.

So the next time you hear that it is someones birthday, go the extra mile and try to make them feel special, because deep down everyone wants to feel like they are special.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring Survival Update

So I have been working hard on my Spring Survival Program. I thought I would post a few of them for everyone to see. Hope you like them.

Tomorrow a new PDF comes out and I can begin a new set. Each week we get more lessons and examples that are designed by the incredible design team. This week I have completed 10 layouts and countless cards.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Magic

We are planning a trip to Disney in the middle of May. I am super excited to be going again. All of my children have been except for my baby boy. The last time that we went was about 2 years ago and we just didn't think that he was old enough. So this will be his first time to experience what we call in our house "THE MAGIC". I asked him if he wanted to go to Disney and he said "Does it have a lot of clothes there? No, I don't want to go." Can you tell that I take him with me shopping a lot? So I went on to explain that it was Mickey Mouses home and that he could ride on the rides and he said "Can we go right now?" Now everyday he asks can we go to Disney. Can you imagine his excitement of when we finally go? My older boys are super excited. They have been twice but there is always something that you have missed seeing in the past or you really want to see again. Even me at (almost) 27 years old, who has been a million time, is excited. I think as you get older and have kids you are excited for different reason. I can't wait to see the awe on his face when we get there and he walks in and sees the castle for the first time. I really hope that they have Captain Jack out when we go. He is really into Pirates right now and wants to have a pirate birthday. I will post some picks when I get them.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring Survival

I am doing a scrapbook program through Homegrown Scrapbooks. You receive this massive kit and 6 weeks worth of lessons and ideas. The goal is that at the end you will have completed 60 layouts. This makes it so super easy. You can either copy what the designers have already done or go in the opposite direction and create your own. Either way you win and get lots of goodies and lots done. The first PDF was posted today and I have got one layout completed already. I will keep you updated on my progress. Have a look at my completed layout. It is of my youngest son's dedication.

Spring survival has just started and already can't wait to see what Summer Survival will have. I know that I will need Summer Survival to get through the summer with 4 boys out of school. Can you say "Calgon take me away"?


WHY? I guess that is one of lifes biggest questions. Why did God create dust? What is it's purpose? It has no function. Why do men get to take there shirts off when it is hot outside and women have to suffer in the heat? NOT FAIR! Why can't children do what you ask them the first time and not on the fourth? UGH. Why do children have to grow so fast? I miss my babies.