Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Magic

We are planning a trip to Disney in the middle of May. I am super excited to be going again. All of my children have been except for my baby boy. The last time that we went was about 2 years ago and we just didn't think that he was old enough. So this will be his first time to experience what we call in our house "THE MAGIC". I asked him if he wanted to go to Disney and he said "Does it have a lot of clothes there? No, I don't want to go." Can you tell that I take him with me shopping a lot? So I went on to explain that it was Mickey Mouses home and that he could ride on the rides and he said "Can we go right now?" Now everyday he asks can we go to Disney. Can you imagine his excitement of when we finally go? My older boys are super excited. They have been twice but there is always something that you have missed seeing in the past or you really want to see again. Even me at (almost) 27 years old, who has been a million time, is excited. I think as you get older and have kids you are excited for different reason. I can't wait to see the awe on his face when we get there and he walks in and sees the castle for the first time. I really hope that they have Captain Jack out when we go. He is really into Pirates right now and wants to have a pirate birthday. I will post some picks when I get them.

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