Friday, May 30, 2008

Today Is The Day

Well today is the day that we sign the lease to our new place. I am super excited and will be super busy over the next few days. Today I have a million things to do to prepare for when Luci gets home. I have to have the lights and phone turned on. Because without the lights and phone I can't have the Internet and how would I live without it. LOL Luci says that I am addicted to the Internet and that I am addicted to scrap booking. He told me the other day that I need to join SB anonymous, which stands for Scrap Booking anonymous. I told him that he was probably right but that I am not ready to admit there is a problem so there wouldn't be any point in joining. LOL
I have all this furniture that I bought and the stores were kind enough to hold for me, but now my wonderful husband has to go around and pick it all up. Yeah for him, I know that is exactly what he wants to do. Poor Luci, he is so abused. So tonight we will go and sign the lease and start moving some of the smaller things and tomorrow we will do the big move.
Alex is so funny. He call our storage unit "the garage" and he is always asking if we can go and pick up his toys from the garage. When we came to my Mom's house we brought a few of there toys but not a whole lot because space is limited and the poor poor child has had to do without his Moon Sand. LOL I think that I could get rid of everything else but he wants the moon sand.
At the new house I will have a room all to myself dedicated to my crafts. I wonder if Luci knows that by having my own room it is enabling the addiction. I had thought about putting a small TV and a comfy chair in there, so that when I am scrap booking he can sit in and watch TV. It will all depend on how much room there is left after I put all my stuff in there.
So when you are relaxing tonight or doing something fun tomorrow, think of me moving. I hate to move. LOL

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