Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Kit Club

I have been in such a funk lately. I haven't had the motivation to get up and scrap much less do the mundane things like clean the house. Well I decided enough was enough and I joined a kit club called A Million Memories. A friend of mine recently joined their design team and told me to check it out. I love there stuff and I know I will enjoy creating with it. They have fun and funky stuff, as well as vintage one of a kinds and cool project kits. While surfing around there board I came across a month long sketch challenge. So I decided to join in the fun and this is what I create using #17 sketch. I can feel the mojo coming back and the creative juices starting to flow again. With the kids in school (except #3) I have plenty of time to scrap and create cool stuff. Check back often because it won't be long and I will me shooting them out again.

I did this one of Alex sipping his juice at the McDonalds Play Place.
BTW- We made it through the storm alright, about 2:30pm we braved the storm and made a trip to Dunkin Donuts. LOL It was just some rain and wind, nothing major. I don't know why everyone gets in such a tizzy about these storms. They come, you prepare, they pass, you repair. Only this one was such a nothing storm, there will be no repairs.

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emelyn said...

Oh, April!! That is such a beautiful layout!! WTG to get your mojo back!! LOVE it!