Friday, September 19, 2008

New Little Toy

I got a islice, it is so neat. It is to cut wrapping paper and we all know that the little gismos never work, they snag the paper or make it rip. This works different, it just glides right over top of the paper and cuts it like your trimmer cuts your scrapbook paper and because it is a ceramic blade it won't cut you and never gets dull. I think it will be great for the kids. I tried it to see if it would cut me and I turned it every which way and it wouldn't cut me. It is also magnetic, so I can hang it on the fridge and not worry about it getting lost in the dreaded junk drawer. I think it is my new favorite thing right now. LOL


"Kreative Karma" said...

Oh yeah that is a pretty cool looking toy! You have a great looking family April! Look at all those boys!

LouAnn said...

Wow that's a neat little thing! Can you get it at Target? Or is it a special order product?