Friday, September 26, 2008

Seasonal colors, widgets, and talking.

Do you like my seasonal colors I put up on my blog? Who says that you have to have the same colors all year long? When you use the templates that blogger gives you, you can change them all the time. Be ware of useing other templates, they will make you loose your widgets. LOL You may be thinking, what is a widget? I just love that word, it is so fun, don't know why. Anyhow, your widgets are the links you have saved and pictures and gadgets you have put onto your blog. Make sure that if you use a non-blogger template you save all your links to your favorites or bookmarks. Trust me on that one, been there and didn't do it. Learn from my mistakes. LOL

On a different note, I just have to share with you something that my youngest son said to me. He is such a funny little kid.
He was running around the island in the kitchen. Around and around, talking a mile a minute. I asked him if he could be quiet for a few minutes.
Remember he is 4.
He says NOPE. I can't keep my mouth shut and you wanna know why.
So of coarse I asked "WHY?"
He says, because my name is Alex I and I like to talk. LOL
I look at my husband and we both burst out laughing at that same time. What else could I say then " Ok, contiune on"?
And so he did, running around and around, talking and talking about nothing at all.
Sometimes I feel like that is all I do too, run around and around, talking about nothing. When I catch little moments like this it brings it all back in focus.
Have a great day!!!!!

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LisaNRoxy said...

He is an angel! LOL - I am cracking up. have a great saturday, April!