Sunday, June 14, 2009

On The Move!

As most people know, I am not a big fan of SW Florida. I have never really been a beach person, give me a nice clean pool or water park and I am happy. I hate the congestion of the city and it seems every year it gets worse and worse. The economy is really bad right now, you are never safe, everyone has the risk of losing their job right now. I honestly think the only good thing about SW Florida (to me) is that my family and friends are here.
So that being said Luci and I have decided to move to North Florida. I know we went to North Carolina and we all know how that ended, um yeah we are back in SW FL. We have done our research on the county we will be living in, checked out the area and schools. Map Quested the scrapbook stores in the area. LOL It is small town life at it's best. We will be about 45 minutes west of Tallahassee, I don't know if you have ever been there or not but is is beautiful. When I was little we lived about 45 minutes south of Tallahassee and it was awesome. There are SEASONS!!! No snow, but there is a definite Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
I want to get my kids away from all the violence & gang activity. I want them to go to schools that do not condone promiscuity and homosexuality. I don't want to worry about someone trying to sell them drugs or hurting them if they go outside to play. I know it is everywhere and you can't escape it but I can get them away from the city where is is so common.
Luci and I have already found jobs and my Dad (he is doing much better by the way) and Arlene (whose a teacher) will be keeping the kids while we work. As soon as we are stable and get settled I will cut back to part time and be home with the kids. We will be pulling out on July 6th.
I told my Mom and Step Dad today that we are for sure moving, they knew but we hadn't 100% confirmed it. They took fairly well. My Step Dad is really close with my boys and he is having a little bit of a hard time with it but it will bring them up more often to visit (my moms family lives about 1 hour from where we will be). Here are a few photos of the local area.

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Ellen said...

April - it looks great! Maybe you'll be able to squeeze in a few beautiful shots here and there.