Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Free

On Sunday my sister in law asked if ALL the kids could come over for the week. All thoughts flew out of my head and I started packing. I didn't remember that Josh was supposed to cut grass or that Steph has VBS at her church this week or that Saturday is a birthday party. I just packed them up and sent them on there way. The thought of having a whole week to my self is like heaven. I plan to finish up the arrangements for the VBS at our church and do a lot of scrapping. Yesterday I cleaned the whole house and did all the laundry so that I wouldn't have to worry about any of that until they get home. I am going to pick them up on Friday so they can go to the birthday party on Saturday but not a moment sooner. I know that most Mothers can't be without there children for that long but I guess because I don't work and I have them all the time that it doesn't bother me at much. I totally trust my Sister in law and Brother to keep them safe so I have a stress free and worry free week. Now as the week passes I will start to miss them more and more. Especially the little guy. What would you do if someone offered to take your children for a week? Do you think you could handle it?

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emelyn said...

I wouldn't be able to hang for the whole week, but I'm a sucker. I do love it when I have a day or so where I can just veg out in the scraproom. I love it! LOL!

Have a GREAT fun week...you better get lots of layouts done.LOL!