Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bubble Wrap

We went to the store to look at a new mouse for our desktop. Our old one had finally given up on us. Don't ever take me to a office supply store, next to a scrapbook store it is my favorite thing to look at. I love all the organizational stuff. While there, we walked by the rolls of bubble wrap and Luci said that he was going to get some for the kids to play with. He said that if got it for them he would be the coolest Dad ever. What kid (or adult ) doesn't like to pop the bubbles in bubble wrap. So we got some, he wasn't satisfied with the 25 foot roll, no he had to get the 200 foot roll. Heaven help me.
As we made our way around the store, our arms are getting tired because we didn't get a buggy, we were only supposed to be getting a mouse remember? We came to the laptops. I have been wanting one for a while now but we have the desk top and it didn't seem like something that we needed at the time. We were looking at them and of coarse they are all on sale and I found one that I loved, it's a Dell and it has tons of memory space and while it is small, it is not tiny. I wanted one that would be easy to carry with me when I meet the girls at our lunch spot (they have wifi in there). I thought I would have to wait a few months to save up the money for it, but my dear sweet husband told the man we would take it and he got me the pink mouse and router to go with it. I also got the 2 year warranty, it covers everything, even if I leave it on the car and drive down the road and smash it into a million pieces. Sounds crazy? Not if you knew me. LOL All I have to do it take in the pieces and they will give me a new one. I even named it "Blue". Love it and love the husband.

So we get home and I brought in all the purchases except the bubble wrap. I told the kids that there Dad had bought them something and that they were going to love it. Of coarse they were bouncing off the wall wanting to know what it was. Luci pulled in about 5 minutes behind me and brought it in and they went crazy. I thought they were going to tackle him to get to it. Here are a few photos of the two events.

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emelyn said...

awww..what a FUN and thoughtful little goodie for the kids!! I know mine go crazy over that stuff. Well, except for Joey..he gets frustrated because he can't quite pop them yet! LOL! Have fun with your new toy!!