Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I wasn't really wanting to cook tonight and so we decided it was a pizza night. I went online to get the number to order the pizza and decided to order it online. I have never done this before but thought why not, I hate calling down there to be put on hold anyway and then you get a teeny bopper who you have to repeat everything to anyway. So I ordered the pizza and the tracker came up. So I called the kids into the room to see and they thought this was the best thing since sliced bread. They sat there and stared at the screen watching as the time went by and each piece became highlighted. I had to get a photo. On the screen it told us that Nate was bringing our pizza, so when the pizza man got there my nephew, Josh had to ask him his name, and sure enough it was Nate. I am sure that the guy thought we were neanderthals but it really was kinda neat and it kept them busy for a half hour. Here are a few photos of the great event. Don't mind the mess on the desk.


Ellen said...

You're killing me!!!! My pizza place didn't have a tracker, but might have to give it a whirl just to do it! Look at the glee on your kids faces! I had forgotten about perpetual pizza hold until you mentioned it.

emelyn said...

haha!! That is too funny and I'm so glad you got a picture of it!! Can't wait to see it in the gallery with the Summer kit!!

LOL..BTW, and this is totally FUNNY! The word verification was: nateopth....just like the pizza dude! haha!