Monday, June 30, 2008

My New/Old Chair

I found this chair at a consignment store for $20 and I just loved the shape of it and the way it curves. So I bought it and brought it home and asked Luci if he could do anything to make it look better. I never dreamed he would make it look so good. He spent and entire day sanding it down, he used an electric sander and he hand sanded then little nooks and crannies. When it was all done I went to the craft store and bought the fabric and recovered the seat and now I have a beautiful chair.
He loves working with his hands and creating things, especially if he is working with wood. I think he could do stuff like this all day long and not get bored. Not me, I sand for a little while and get bored with it and hand it over to him and tell him I am taking a break. I don't know if he has caught on the I never come back from my breaks. LOL


LisaNRoxy said...

Holy smokes April! Your chair is BEAUTIFUL!!
Luci rocks!!

emelyn said...

That is an awesome chair!! Your DH did such a GREAT job with it!