Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lisa and I went to an anniversary crop at one of our local scrapbook stores. We had such a good time. They gave away so much free stuff and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. The owner had it catered by Olive Garden and who doesn't love Olive Garden?
As a bonus they flew in a couple of the girls from Prima, Sharon and her daughter Brittany. When they said that they had people coming from Prima I thought for sure they would be snobbish. That just goes to show that you shouldn't judge people before you meet them. They were so fun and very down to earth. Super nice and super sweet, both of them. Take a look at the photos of us, Sharon has 7 kids, no I didn't have a typo, she really has 7 kids. Brittany is 18 and she isn't even the oldest. Sharon doesn't even look old enough to have an 18 year old.
I would have loved to go back on Saturday and Sunday to take more classes from them but life got in the way with preplanned activities and I was only able to go on Friday. I got 2 layouts done, I haven't photographed them, as soon as I do, I will post them.
Sharon, Me (April) and Brittany
Sharon, Lisa and Brittany

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emelyn said...

Sounds like you guys had FUN!! Wow, an all day crop, can't wait to see your pages!