Monday, August 11, 2008

New Skin

What do you think of my new skin? Anita helped me pick it out and set it up. I am clueless about this stuff. I kept getting error signs, so we were chatting on Yahoo and I asked her if she knew anything about it. I gave her my login and password, so if you see anything outrageous, just know Anita has been playing around. LOL Anyhow she whipped right through it and had it up in less then a minute.
Isn't she awesome? I will have to post the LO that she did of me, it is so cute. She also edits my photos, I gave her one to edit something out of and you can't even tell. It looked so good. Another one was super dark and she lightened it up and made it look vintage. Anita Rocks.
I hope you enjoy the new skin, I am sure it will change often, I get bored with stuff easily.LOL

1 comment:

emelyn said...

Love your new skins, girl! I need to figure out how to do stuff like this on my blog, it's so plain! LOL!