Monday, August 25, 2008

Things Are Changing

Today to church our Pastor resigned. We all knew it was coming, he has told us it was coming. It was still a shock. We will miss him greatly but he is staying in the area and I'm sure he will be by to visit from time to time.
Today we had the elections for the ladies offices. For the past few years we have had the same officers, and they did a great job. But they decided that they were ready to hand it over and so new officers were voted in. My mom, Kaye, was voted in as President, Go Mom!!!! and Sis. Milissa was voted in as the Sec/Treasurer and your truly was voted in as the Vice President. I am so excited. I have a million ideas, our church has been in limbo for a while and we think it is time to wake up and get moving again.
So keep the church in your thoughts and prayers, that we have a smooth transition with our new pastor and that the ladies group is successful.
Finally, today was my oldest son Nicholas' birthday. He turned 10 years old today. I can't believe how time has flown by. He is all grown up now with his quirky thoughts and ideas. We took him out to Red Lobster for his birthday, cause it's his favorite. My Mom and Stepdad were there along with some friends. They came out and sang with the cake and everything. We all had a great time and I think he did to. I love that boy.

This is a photo of him holding hos money he got from my friend Kristine and Milissa. I think he like that more then anything. LOL
This is him with his goofy smile. He has the same cheesy grin in every photo.
This is him with his Grandpa at the table. Grandpa told him he needed to slow down because he was making him older.
So look for scrapbook pages coming your way using these photos.

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LisaNRoxy said...

Go April! What an exciting new adventure you are embarking on. Make a difference girl!

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!