Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bags Of Hope

Over the summer I made some journals for the Bags of Hope Ministry, I met a lady named Ellen online who is really involved with them. So I made up a few journals and sent them out to her. Recently they started a web site and to my surprise they put photos of mine and a few other journals on the web site. It made me feel like a celebrity for a minute. LOL I plan to make more in the next few months and ship them out to her. They are based in Texas but I just start filling a flat rate box and ship when it gets full. They have needs for other things as well, shampoo, handmade bags, toothpaste & brush etc.If you want to help, email me H2bigblueeyes@yahoo.com and I can give you Ellen's address ( after she says OK) LOL. Here is a link to the web site: http://www.bagsofhopeministry.com/
FYI: mine are the 2 almost solid pink one(one says laugh and the other has a huge flower on it), the purple, and the green one that says remember.

The children that these go to are from abusive families and go to a high security building. If you do decide to make a journal please no wire, ribbon, brads, or anything that they could hurt themselves with. Journals should be made from composition books. Thanks

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