Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Faith Sisters Creative Team Member

You are looking at the newest Creative Team Member for Faith Sisters. I am so excited and honored that they chose me. It is a Christian based site and everyone there is so friendly and nice to talk with. I can't wait to get started on my challenges and learn more about Faith Booking.
Here are a few of the blinkies that they have going on. Aren't they cute?
Well they won't blink on here, I don't know how to make them blink. You will have to come over to the web site to see them in action. LOL
And Natalie made me this for my siggy

This is my uniform avatar, I just loved what they did with it.

You can scope out the web site through this link and I will be adding them to my list on the side, so watch for it. http://www.faithsisters.com/forum/index.php
Here is the LO that I entered for the creative team.


Taniwha said...

Wow April, that's awesome stuff! You go girl :D

emelyn said...

CONGRATS too much, April! I'm so happy for you!