Monday, December 15, 2008

Time is Flying

I can't believe how close we are to Christmas. I have got all my shopping done (got the boys a Wii) all I have to do now is wrap EVERYTHING!!! I don't mind wrapping one or two gifts but when you have to wrap all of Christmas it is a little bit overwhelming. Maybe I will enlist the help of my Mom. She is a great wrapper. Right now I have there presents hidden in my laundry hamper and then there is a box setting on top of it full of stuff. If they only knew that they walk right by it all day. LOL And where is my dirty laundry you might ask? I have started putting it into their laundry hamper in the bathroom. You would think it would click in their little minds, but it doesn't. I guess they want to believe so bad that they ignore simple clues. LOL Oh to be young again.
Tonight we are having our church prayer group over for prayer and a party. Any reason to have a party right and why not with the people who remember you when they are in prayer. I take that as the highest complement, when someone has remember me in their prayers. With all the problems in the world today, there is a lot more someone could be praying about then me and my family. Anyhow, I am cleaning and cooking and baking to prepare for tonight. We are having cookies and punch and meatballs and a fruit platter. A cake and chips, I could go on and on. Are you going to any good parties over the holidays? I have a few more that I have to still attend. I will post photos of the events in a few days.
I guess break time is over, back to work.

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