Thursday, May 10, 2012

I hate buying groceries with a passion! Why? Oh I could come up with hundreds of reasons but I'll just tell you a few.
1.Having to maneuver around SLOW people. I just want to yell at them "MOVE PEOPLE" or ram my cart into theirs and pretend it didn't happen as I walk on by.
2.Unloading the groceries when I get home. Either I wait to buy groceries when the little people are with me (when I want to punish myself), so they can help bring them in or I buy them while they are in school and have to tote it all in by myself. I choose the lesser of two evils and buy them while they are in school.
3. Knowing at some point they (all my men) are going to want me to take this recently bought food and create a meal for them. I am not a bad cook. I make pretty good food. I just don't like to. Over the last few year I have come to dread cooking.
So before I head out to buy groceries, I thought I would take a moment  to share this little mini project I created yesterday. I used some of the new techniques I learned over the weekend while at the three day crop :) Sorry about the shine from the flash.

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