Thursday, July 12, 2012

He Loves Me!

I know he loves me (talking about my husband here). He is thoughtful most of the time. He gets a little relaxed sometimes but what man who has been married for almost 14 years doesn't? I would like to say he always remembers the flowers, but he doesn't. What I can say is that he is there for me everyday. He always listens to me when it truly counts. Oh, I know he tunes me out sometimes but he can tell when something is important and he steps up and really listens. Our lives are defined by how much we depend on each other. I truly cannot fathom living in a world where he is not by my side. It is me and him against the world. Having said that, I would like to share a photo of my new wedding ring he gave me. Our anniversary is not until November but he said I could have it NOW! Since I am a instant gratification sort of girl, that works for me just fine :)


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