Friday, August 10, 2012

School Time!!

I love back to school time. I love taking the boys school shopping. I love buying supplies and I am often guilty of purchasing office supplies for the house because I love new pads of paper and new cool pens. The boys were excited to go back. This will be the first year they are all in different schools. It is a very pivotal year for all of them. Nicholas starts high school, Lucas starts middle school, and Alex will be on his own at the school for the first time. He has always had the security of knowing Lucas is close by. If you know my boys you know that Alex and Lucas are extremely close and do almost everything together. Did I mention the best part? I have a weeka nd a half off before I go back. It is like a vacation or really more of a cleaning spree. I have been deep cleaning the house and getting it in tip top shape to when I am super busy this semester with Church, family, friends, school, and  scrapbook designing/teaching, I can do a quick clean and have the house looking good. I am sure by the time I get out of school in December it will need another deep cleaning.
Here are Lucas and Alex on the first day.
Stand by for a photo of Nicholas :)

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