Thursday, August 2, 2012


School is starting back soon.NEXT WEEK!!! I think the boys are excited but aren't wanting to show it; a mama can dream. They have their new cloths and shoes. Tomorrow we go for their hair cuts at J C Pennys. They are doing a promotion for free kids hair cuts during the month of August.Why not take the boys? I spend enough in Pennys to warrant a couple free hair cuts. LOL
Check out this photo of my scrap space. I really need to clean it up before I started ANOTHER project :) What you can't see in this photo is the shelves to the left and right of the tables full of stuff as well. *sigh* I would rather make the mess then clean it. Such is life :)

While I am here how about a few photos of the shark fishing tournament the boys were in last weekend. It was supposed to be from 4pm - 8am but they were home by 1am. Not because the boys were tired, it was the adults who had to pack it in. LOL These photos were taken by my husband. I think he did pretty good this time. He is famous for cutting off the tops of their heads but I think I have finally got him trained to take a good photo:)

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